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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Thursday, January 3, 2013


 Ava was born November 26th, weighing in at 7 lbs 11 oz, she out weighed her sister by a half a pound, I couldn't believe it!

Gabi wasn't so sure about her sister the first time she held her!

We still aren't sure what color her eyes are going to be, but she sleeps all the time, so I love it when we get to see them for a few minutes. 

She doesn't really like a binkie, but Gabriella insists that she take one, and once she gets going, she decides they're not so bad. 

Gabriella loves her little sister, she although she is ready for her to grow up. Every day she asks when is Ava going to walk and when is Ava going to talk. They are so funny together. 

We had a great Christmas, Santa spoiled both of our girls. 

Ava has made all of us so happy, she is so easy going. This girl can sleep through anything, and that's pretty much all she does right now. She is such a happy and content baby, now lets just hope it stays that way!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Way Over Due

It has been way too long since I last posted anything, Gabriella is going to think I fell off the face of the earth or something when she looks back at this :) Anyways, on to the good stuff, some pictures of what we've been up to this summer.

 To kick off the summer, we took a quick trip to Costa Rica! Which was a blast!

 We celebrated Gabriella's 3rd birthday while we were there. She thought it was great that everyone in the restaurant sang happy birthday to her!

Gabriella also found out that she is going to be a big sister this November! She can't wait, every day she asks me how many more days until her baby comes. 

After we got back, we ran the Color Me Rad race, which I would recommend to everyone, it was lots of fun! Here are the "after" pictures.

On Cinco de Mayo we had a birthday party for Gabi. All she wanted for her birthday was a lot of balloons, so that's what she got!

We had a ball celebrating the 4th of July with friends!

We had a quick little getaway to Park City. 

On the gondola, Gabriella thought it was so funny that I am afraid of heights, she's just like her dad :)

Last month we took a much needed trip to Seattle to see Laura and Owen. I thought we were going to beat the heat in August, but it ended up being warm our whole trip. But it worked out great because we got to spend the whole time at the beach and the kids were in heaven!

These two cousins are the best of friends, wish they lived closer together so they could play all the time!

It was so nice that we got to go to Idaho a few weeks ago to see family. Gabriella loves going to her Grandma's house. 

Gabi loves animals, she just can't get enough. Her favorite part of Grandma's house is the cows. She loves to feed them and especially this time because there were new babies calves, she thought this was the greatest thing ever!

Gabriella and her great grandparents!

Overall we've had a great summer. Gabriella has grown from a toddler into a little kid. I can't believe how much she has changed this year. She started preschool this fall and she loves it. Some of her favorite things are:
-Kittens (she is trying so hard to convince us to buy one)
-Playing outside, I can't get her in the house for more than 5 minutes
-Painting her nails
-Lo mein
-Her baby sister
-Dolls and dollhouses

Trevor and I are doing great. Trevor turned in his thesis last month so he is officially finished with school! That's a great feeling. I'm doing well, 30 weeks pregnant now and feeling it every minute. Although this pregnancy has been much better than with Gabriella. We will see how these last two months go. I am really trying to enjoy the last few months alone with Gabi, I can't believe there will be two of them in just a few months. I'm going to miss our one on one time, but I can't wait for another baby girl to join us! 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Life Today

Time has been flying by, I can't believe it's March already! We have been up to a lot of no good lately. Here are a few pictures of the past few months.

 In January, Owen came for a visit, and Gabi had a blast with him. She still asks for him all the time. We wish they lived closer so they could play all the time!

 Gabriella discovered her new favorite place, called Jump Around Utah. They have inflatable play houses and Gabi loves it. Lol, it's so fun to watch her play there.

 She practiced her driving skills at a car show with Grandpa, I think she's going to need a few more years of practice it was a little scary!!

Gabriella was so excited to go sledding with Daddy, until they got to the hill :))

Gabriella and I enjoyed some girl time with Grandma and Laura while we got pedicures. 

We took a quick trip to Idaho. It was a great get away and we all had lots of fun!

No trip to Idaho would be complete with out playing with Grandma's cows.

Friday, January 6, 2012

December Madness

We had a great Christmas holiday! Gabriella was a blast this year, it took her a while to warm up. But after about the third present, she had the hang of it and then there was no stopping her. She was tearing into everything, it was so much fun.

Uncle Johnny came to visit and Gabriella was in heaven, she hasn't stopped talking about him since he left!

We took Gabi bowling with some friends, although she didn't want to share the lane ;) She thinks this is pretty much the greatest game ever.

We went to zoo lights again this year and it was by far the best year ever! The weather has been crazy warm so it was so much fun!

Crazy Gabi, she will only let Tyler push the stroller when he is around. LOL!

It was even warm enough to take the four wheelers out for a day. We had a ball, Gabi could have stayed on those all day. 

Gabriella's cousin Owen is visiting now and they are having so much fun together. They are too cute with each other, so funny!